• Communication: I want to have dialogue with others, understanding context and perspectives, listening, and making a space where vulnerability is okay is important in a company culture and for myself to exhibit with others.
  • Mentorship: One to one mentorship of folks looking to get into engineering or infosec is something I enjoy working on. I see mentorship as a way to help others and provide a direct social good.
  • Challenge: A good engineering problem is something I thrive on. This is something I enjoy whether it be conception, implementation, and or operational reliability.
  • Passion: I want to work at a company where my co-workers and I have esprit de corps and have passion to build a product that serves our customers.


  • Reflecting: I often times think about one topic for extensive periods of time. An easy way to spot if I'm reflecting is when I mention a conversation topic from 5 minutes ago (or 5 days ago) when the conversation has progressed elsewhere. Here are some things I might reflect upon:
    • A problem, challenge, or conjecture, e.g. "Clinton's Delaunay Conjecture: Robert Delaunay and Boris Delaunay are related."
    • Reflect on a conversation topic, e.g. "Roman columns or Greek pillars? Discuss."
    • Ideals, dreams, and counterexamples, e.g. "One day x = y/z; will be constant time."

Areas for Development

  • Silo vs. Delegation: When stressed, I may look inward and not ask for help. A cue for that may be stalled work.
  • Defensive Behavior: Something I am working on with myself. I will get better with this.
  • Building Context: Asking questions that strike at the heart of the issue. Sometimes I don't know what questions to ask to get a better understanding of context.
  • I should add...: I am notorious for over complicating designs. If I show you something that looks complicated, just call that out.
  • Art Based Research: I hope to learn more about art based research and incorporate this into my professional development. I may even create a series of blogs on this.

Ask Me About

  • Linear programming, optimization, and math
  • Cryptography (I really enjoy the maths usually found in hashing, and block ciphers)
  • GPS
  • Software bugs and bug hunting: CVEs, fuzzing, symbolic execution, and reverse engineering tools
  • Ice hockey, power lifting, and hiking
  • Or checkout my blog!

How to contact me

  • Twitter
  • Email
    • Go to rot13.com, paste this string: pyvagba.objra -@- tznvy.pbz -> you'll get my email address.
    • Shoot me an email with subject containing the phrase Blog Email.